Our Values

♥ Real talk :


The most important intention for us is empowerment/accessibility for all sizes, body shapes and genders. On all our products we offer XS-5XL as our base as we feel it covers most sizes. But if you need larger/smaller/custom or for example want to add a d*ck pouch to a bikini just dm us and we will facilitate this at no extra cost. This intention is beyond important for us and what we do.

Cocaine Slim was born into and raised by QPOC communities since the 90's when times were very different. Cocaine Slim comes from the era where they remember being 8 years old and their Mums friend was bashed, gang raped and almost killed for being a Lesbian. Having to be careful walking the streets with Mums friends because Gay bashings were the norm.

We have come along way but there is still work to do. Cocaine Slim has deep ties to their family and has their community at the very front of everything they do and stand for. As fun as everything is there is always an underlying tether of education we try to push subtly through what we present.

But at the end of the day Cocaine Slim is for all the lovers! Here to add a little pazzaz to your life and hopefully a beautiful smile :)