About Us

Cocaine Slim hatched from a pink Versace egg in the year of 2019.

Born into a life of Bootleg Luxury.

Making absolutely no sense yet feeling so right.

Cocaine Slim is a World and I welcome you to it. I started this brand because I needed more pink, more smiles, more fun, more creativity, more expression, more community, more ME in my life. Cocaine Slim is a character I unconsciously created because they could do things I was to scared to do. I remember the first time I gave myself permission to wear a womens thong under my baggy denims with a matching bra and a full face beat changed the game. This was when Cocaine Slim first came to play and bitchhhhhhhh they felt good! 

Cocaine Slim identifies as they/them/she and this Gemini thang adapts like the wind. Making clothes has been the most amazing blessing and has open the doors to community, love and expression. Our clothes have been a journey back to self as corny as that sounds it true hahaha.

In short, thank you for being part of and supporting our journey. It means so much that even anyone resonates with what we do. This space is and will always been sacred to us. Cocaine Slim is for the lovers and we hope you feel that in all that we do. 


- We are a proudly Indonesian run and owned company.

- All prices are displayed in your countries currency but at the checkout it will convert back to $AUD. Don't stress it's the same price just different currency.

- We print and sew everything ourselves, this is not a mass production thing. Our hearts are at the forefront of everything we send out to ya'll.

- We try to keep our prices as low as possible but in Indonesia Worldwide shipping prices are insane and really f*ck us in the butty so hard! 

- Worldwide shipping is express 1-3 days delivery. Tracking is emailed upon dispatch.

- We are made to order, it takes us 5-10 working days to make every order.

- Any questions please email us at: info@cocaineslim.com